Do your feet ache when you first stand on the floor in the morning?

Heel pain can be completely debilitating for those that suffer with it.

If you’re suffering with heel pain, you’re in pain, you can’t concentrate, you’re missing out on doing what you love, and it just plain affects your life. Perhaps you can relate…

One of the most likely causes of your heel pain is “plantarfascitis”. “What the heck is that?” I can hear you saying. Although it sounds more like the name of a dinosaur, plantarfascitis is the name given to a very common condition that involves pain on the inner aspect of the heel. It is perhaps the most common cause of heel pain and is due to irritation in the plantarfascia, a strong band of fibrous tissue that makes up the arch on the sole of your foot.


Who gets it?

It is generally seen in people who have flat feet, people who stand on their feet for long periods, particularly if they stand on hard surfaces, and people who wear shoes that don’t support the arch of the foot properly. Do any of these sound like they could be causing your heel pain?  Sufferers often describe it as a sharp burning pain on the inner aspect of the heel that is worst in the morning and improves to a dull ache as the day goes on. It isn’t much fun and can often hang around for months. Sound like you?

What can be done about it?

The good news is that there is a lot that can be done to relieve your heel pain. One of the simplest things I get my patients to try is to take a frozen drink bottle and roll it underfoot for several minutes per day. It’s amazing how much short term relief that can give.

BUT it wont directly address the cause of your heel pain. To get long term relief from your heel pain you need to have your foot and leg assessed by a physiotherapist who can advise if orthotics to support the arch of your foot will help or whether you just need a change of footwear and a program of exercises and stretches. In some cases, we will refer you to a podiatrist as well. There’s a lot that can be done to improve your heel pain.

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