Braces & Supports

Professionally prescribed and fitted braces and supports

Many braces don’t work.

You would hope that if you pay good money for something that it would do what it claims. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Many braces, supports, shoe inserts and other devices claiming to reduce your pain or prevent injury are completely useless and may actually be hindering your movement or even causing unnecessary discomfort.

Fortunately, we are experts at prescribing and fitting braces, splints, supports and walker boots. This includes knee braces, ankle braces, wrist braces, tennis elbow braces, thumb splints, back braces and Exos waterproof casts. We have tried many different types and now only stock the best braces, supports, sports tape and orthotics available. These include Donjoy knee braces, quality sports tape, Rocktape and ASO ankle braces, as well as professional grade AIRCAST Cam walker boots and the most comfortable orthotics on the market. These can be professionally prescribed and fitted by your Coast physiotherapist. So if you are after a comfortable and effective fit, book an appointment and we will sort the rest.

We can help you get back to the life you love!