Karla Horlyck

Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist

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Karla Horlyck

B Sci (Exe Sci & Nutr), M Sci (Nutr Diet & Exe Phys)

Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist

Karla is a wealth of knowledge on a range of nutrition and exercise related topics. She is committed to motivating clients to achieve optimum health. Karla believes in using simple effective advice.

Karla works with people with a range of conditions that can be managed with diet and or exercise interventions including: Diabetes, weight management, irritable bowel disease, chronic pain, sports injuries, sports nutrition, falls prevention and back to work reconditioning.




Karla Graduated from the University of Wollongong after having placed first in her course in both years of her Masters Studies. Karla has studied in Canada, worked for the Heart Foundation and Royal Hobart Hospitals in Tasmania, and been involved with research at the University of Sydney’s Woolcock Institute. Karla is a sought-after speaker and has presented for groups of all sizes on a variety of health related topics. Karla was the driving force behind the inception of Coast Allied Health and loves working with individuals and groups to assist people achieve their health goals. When Karla is not seeing clients individually in the clinic she is organising the next group exercise program or sourcing government grants so Coast can provide increased services to the local community.

Regardless of your age or current health status, Karla will be able to provide you with dietary and or exercise advice to help you reach your peak.



Diet: Karla has an odd fascination with irritable bowel disease and has helped numerous clients with this condition be able to control their symptoms. Karla also writes detailed and balanced nutrition plans for triathletes and sports people and is currently the personal dietitian for Elite Triathlete Ryan Waddington.

Exercise: Karla is our resident wiz in organising and running group exercise classes. She loves running Coast’s popular Speed, Agility & Power class for athletes nearly as much as she enjoys seeing the improvement in confidence, mobility and balance achieved by our Stepping On group participants who all have at least 65yrs life experience.


Why Karla?

No Fad Diets

Works with You

Up to date

University Qualified Expert

Results Focused


Realistic & Managable Advice